We are committed to making a difference in our community. This is what the Golden State Half Series is all about. We are excited to announce our brand new ‘Race With A Purpose’ program, to help non-profit organizations of all sizes and background, raise critical funds to support their cause. “Race With A Purpose” enables runners to link their sport with causes, sometimes quite personal, such as illness, injuries, the loss of a family member or more. We pride ourselves in the incredible support of the community and all of the runners’ stories who make up the Golden State Half Series. Now it’s time to give back.

Program Details

The Golden State Half Series has created “Race With A Purpose”, the official charity program, to provide selected charities a platform to recruit endurance athletes to fundraise for your cause. We are committed to providing all official charities tools of success to maximize fundraising from participants. In an effort to customize the program for charities of all sizes, we offer various levels for charities to find what works best for them. Questions? Contact our Program Manager at info@raceforce.com.

Who’s eligible

To be eligible to participate in the Official Golden State Half Series Charity Program, charities must:

  • Be an official 501c3
  • Apply or turn in interest form prior to specific purchase time. Timeline varies per race of interest.
  • Must turn in completed an accurate agreement and payment within 60 days of race of interest.

Official charities

WCI’s mission is to provide local women with skills training, links to resources, and connections with each other that enable improved quality of life and a strengthened community.
WCI’s goals at the Towns: To promote health among our members and supporters while raising funds for the programs at the Oakland Women’s Center.
Direct Contact for interested participants: Alison Mata, alison@womenscentersintl.org, (510) 823-2120